Company branding doesn’t just relate to the actual logo design or colour scheme of the company, but how it is marketed to the public, and the representation of the brand.

We work with all sorts of companies to help with their branding needs, but our most popular requests are:


London Creative Designs Logo - Top Digital Agency in London


Business Stationery Design by London Creative Designs - Top Digital Agency in London


London Creative Designs - Company Branding Guidelines. Branding Agency in London


The first place we usually start with company branding, is with the logo design. We brainstorm several logo designs and present the client with a page-full of options. The client then picks their favourite logo designs for further revisions. We keep tweaking them all until they are finally happy with one logo design, which is then finalised.

We always start with the logo design in black and white before moving onto colour. Picking the right colours for the logo design is no easy task! We explore colour theory (link to blog post) with the client and understand how they want their business to be represented. We then present the logo design in a variety of formats and file types, as the first stage of company branding.

London Creative Designs Logo Purple on White - Top Company Branding Agency in London
London Creative Designs White on Black - Top Company Branding Agency in London
London Creative Designs Logo - Top Company Branding Agency
London Creative Designs Favicon - Creative Agency in London


Company branding will involve a colour palette…here’s ours!

London Creative Designs Colour Palette - Company Branding Agency in London


As mentioned, company branding is not just about the logo, but it is about how the brand is portrayed. So, after producing the company logo design, we often move onto the business stationery design.

Our business stationery packages include:

  • Double-sided business card design
  • Letterhead design
  • Envelope design
  • Compliment slip design
  • Mailing labels design
  • Email signature

Need these items printed too? No problem – we also offer a printing service. Just let us know what you require.

Brand Collateral for London Creative Designs - Company Branding Agency


With the majority of companies using social media in their everyday marketing activities, we get a lot of graphic design requests revolving around social media. Whilst you’re free to post whatever you want on social media, keeping the company branding across your social media posts will help your clients recognise your posts, and also maintain brand awareness.

Here’s our inspiration for our Instagram posts:

Instagram Designs - Social Media Graphics - London Creative Designs Inspiration


With all these elements relating to company branding, it is very easy to get overwhelmed in the graphic design world. However, it is really important that staff members throughout your business stick to company branding for consistency. This is why we get lots of requests to make brand guidelines for companies.

Within the company branding document, we include details of the graphic design elements: logo design, business stationery, brand collateral, fonts, colour palettes etc. but we also include some brand strategy too. This will be presented in an easy-to-read, aesthetic document that you can share with your team so there is company brand consistency across the board.


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