Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new site!

Many people would ask: “How does that work? A website design company without their own website?!” We became a long-running joke in our office building for a while, as they were staring at this COMING SOON page for so long. It looked really bad to many, and we immediately lost credibility as a website design company.

However, to others, we were highly impressive. They thought to themselves: “How did they manage to get so many clients whilst not even having a website?”

We have done no marketing for years, and had no website for around two years now too! It’s bad I know! However, our clients ALWAYS come first, so whenever they needed something, we would prioritise that. We always try to produce the best work for our clients and are proud of our client satisfaction rate. This is why we’ve not needed to do any marketing; we have the most powerful marketing tool – word of mouth.

Each of our clients over the last couple of years has been so pleased with our work, that they have recommended us to at least one other person! It has been an amazing journey.

However, we’ve been so embarrassed about not having a site of our own, that we decided to take a month off from taking on new clients just so we could get this live!
So, we really hope you like it!!!

Please leave some comments in the section below and let us know your thoughts on our new website! If you have any requests for other features you would like to see, then also let us know below!

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