Is Video Marketing The Future?

I don’t think anyone doubts just how powerful video marketing is anymore. With marketing moving so rapidly into the digital world, it’s easier than ever to get your content out there. It is no doubt that the more visual your content is, the more likely it is to get noticed and make an impact. Imagery is absolutely huge in the world of marketing, so just think how powerful videos can be.

Many people in business still prefer good old-fashioned face-to-face contact when communicating, rather than a long email chain. This is because it is much easier and quicker to get your point across in person. It is the same with video marketing vs written content; videos get the point much more quickly, more dramatically, and overall, a lot more effectively. It is no wonder video marketing is the future.

6 Reasons To Take a Closer Look at Video Marketing

  1. Facebook has over 2 billion users now (I know, right!) and they often release stats on how videos perform better than any other content on their platform. If you head on over to your timeline right now, you’re bound to see a ton of video content on there. And I bet these are the posts that catch your eye more than others.
  2. Video content is much easier to digest, and you can get a relatively potent message across to your audience in just a few seconds. Compare that to reading a long article; which one do you think your audience prefers?
  3. There’s that old adage in screenwriting: show, don’t tell. We tend to respond better to things we can see in front of our eyes. Reading takes effort; watching a video doesn’t.
  4. Most social media platforms have the facility to show videos. That means you can share your content across the likes Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and LinkedIn etc. quite easily. This allows you to reach a huge audience very quickly and cheaply!
  5. Nearly 90% of online marketers use video content in some form or another. More importantly, over 90% of us share video content on our mobile devices. This means you have a huge team of marketers as your readers are spreading the word for you!
  6. Over two-thirds of people will get two-thirds of the way through a video before switching to something else. That means you can get a large portion of your message across quickly compared to written content.

The Role of Smartphones in Video Marketing

The popularity of online video has undoubtedly been facilitated by the growth in mobile phone usage and overall better connectivity. It means we can access all sorts of content wherever we are and whenever we want.

When smartphones first came out over ten years, the notion that people would want to watch video content, including TV programmes, on such a small screen was largely derided. Now we don’t give it a second thought.

It’s clear that video marketing has a substantial role to play for businesses of all sizes. But how easy is it to implement a viable marketing strategy that involves this kind of content? First of all, it’s a lot easier than it used to be – with cheap editing and production options available online and camera technology at our fingertips, there’s been a good deal of democratisation.

While nearly half of marketers are planning to introduce a YouTube video content strategy to their mix in the next year or so, however, there are some hurdles for ordinary businesses to overcome.

The Challenges of Video Marketing

Like written content, video content needs to be good quality. Consumers are used to it and have high expectations, whether they’re on a streaming service like Netflix, popping on YouTube or viewing on other social media platforms or even your own website.

Creating video content requires you to have a clear and implementable strategy and that’s where many businesses can fall down. You might want to create ‘how to’ videos to complement your product and give customers support, for example. It could be a corporate video that is designed to show how your business works and is aimed at the B2B market. Perhaps you have a product launch on the way and you want to a highly shareable ad for consumption on video sites and social media.

Get it right and there’s no doubt that video marketing can make a big difference. Many marketers believe that it currently has the best ROI of all media but you do need to make a significant investment in it, both in time, thought and production values. And yes, money.

That’s not always easy for smaller businesses to do, but it’s certainly not impossible. Get it right, however, and there’s no doubt that video marketing can make a big difference to your brand development and your bottom line.




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