How Pinterest Can Help Your Business

Since March 2010, Pinterest has grown steadily to now rightfully claim the title of “the world’s catalogue of ideas.” Available in 22 languages, the site attracts 100 million active monthly users of which more than half are from overseas.

When people think of Pinterest, they think of pictures; pictures of style ideas, home décor ideas, recipe ideas, technology… the list is endless. Photos have become a way for users of the modern approach to express, connect and inspire. This is especially true with millennials – just look at the soaring usage of Instagram and Snapchat!

So, how can Pinterest help your business?

Pinterest for inspiration

First of all, let’s make it clear that Pinterest is necessary for companies that heavily rely on visuals. This ranges from architecture to graphic design, to fashion brands, and even to the automobile industry!

Pinterest can help your business if you have something to showcase. This does not necessarily have to mean your own work: it can be things you are inspired by, things that express your brand and brand culture, and even things you are looking to create in the future!

For example, if you are an automobile company, say BMW: you could create a pin board entitled “Luxury Inspiration”. Here, you would pin images that would appeal to the designers of BMW: taking ideas from other companies such as Audi or Mercedes to inspire BMW’s designs for the future. Inspiration is critical for any business to grow and develop – that’s one way how Pinterest can help your business.

Cultivating interpersonal connections on Pinterest

Another way Pinterest can help your business is through direct connections with your followers. Creating pin boards, using pins and regularly ensuring your account is active will allow your followers and potential customers to see inside your company culture and your brand interests.

An example would be a graphic design company that is currently working on a project for a pet shop. Creating a pin board entitled “Cat Designs” will not only allow cat-lovers to take a peek but also to those who are looking for similar designs or for a similar project to be completed. The style, colours and general design will entice and appeal to those who are already looking for it, and may even inspire those who didn’t even know that they were looking for it!

Pinterest can help your business by being both a site to inspire and a site to strengthen a passion.

Highlighting your company’s diversity on Pinterest

Too many people nowadays associate businesses with money, when in fact, even CEOs go through the same things we do and sometimes also enjoy the same things we do!

If your business is more informal, Pinterest can help your business by being a platform that isn’t all about posting articles and advertisements. You can even create a pinboard for recipes on food to bring to work! This will allow your business to seem effortlessly connected to your fans and followers, showing that you can be more personable.

Furthermore, interacting with other users is made simple with the ability to:

• Like other users’ pins
• Comment on other users’ pins
• Send other users pins
• Tag users in pins
• Private message another user.

Proving similar to other social networking sites such as Facebook and to an extent, Instagram, hovering the user-friendly site will open new doors of possibility and inspiration for your business, and that’s how Pinterest can help your business.

But the best way Pinterest can help your business is by driving traffic to your site through SEO. Having a presence on the platform and posting things that are relevant to your target customers and the potential market will highly increase the chances of you being noticed and recognised in your industry.

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