How To Get Your Business on Google

How to get your business featured on Google

Did you know this more than one search engine out there? Yup, that’s right… Google is not the only one! Of course, you knew that – we are just joking, but only slightly! Whilst the likes of Yahoo and Bing exist, their number of users is just a tiny fraction of what Google has. So, whenever people want to optimise a site for a search engine, they think of Google.

So how can you make Google and all of its related platforms and services, including Google+, work for your business? Let’s take a look…

Google My Business

Have you ever Googled a company and they have their own dedicated listing on the right-hand side of the browser, which shows all their vital business information? That’s courtesy of Google My Business, or Google Places for Business. This is an absolutely essential tool for small and large businesses alike. By registering for this service, you can immediately display your business address, telephone number, email, website, opening hours and even reviews.

You need to be verified by Google to be allowed on it, so it shows you are a legitimate business. Allowing access to Google Maps and Google Reviews is also great for user experience. Moreover, it really helps boost your company’s SEO!

Leveraging Google+

Many businesses dismiss Google+ as irrelevant or unnecessary, but did you realise it is still one of the most popular social media platform out there? There are a ton of features on it you can use to enhance your business’ presence and forge new connections. Here are just a few:

  • Google+ Circles: Circles is an effective way of segmenting those you’re connected to on Google+. Once you’ve sorted your connections into categories (friends, colleagues, business partners, influencers, potential customers, affiliates, etc.) you can selectively share updates with them, so that they’ll only see the posts that are relevant to them. For example, you can choose to share a business-related post with colleagues and business partners, exclusive potential customers and friends who might find it boring. You can make sure your personal posts only go to those who know you outside of the business world. Circles ensures that you can make your feed exactly what your connections want it to be.
  • Google+ Collections: Just as Circles offers a way to group your followers, Collections offers a way to categorise your content by topic. These Collections can then be followed by other users, ensuring they get instant updates whenever you post something new to that Collection. For example, if you created a Collection of all your business blog posts, that gives potential customers another way to subscribe to your updates. You can also include third-party content in your Collections, giving your followers extra incentive to follow them.
  • Google+ Hangouts: Hangouts are pretty unique to Google+ and they can be used for a multitude of purposes. A Hangout is essentially a livestream tool, which allows people to see what you’re up to, communicate with you and even respond with a livestream of their own. Many people use Hangouts for video conferencing purposes, but it’s amazing if you’re trying to promote an event or occasion. They can be used to host informational webinars or Q&A sessions and could even be a great platform for a product launch. The potential for businesses to leverage Google+ Hangouts to enhance their presence online is enormous.

How do you make Google work for your business?

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