Why You Should Avoid Cheap SEO Services

Why you should avoid cheap SEO services

If you’re looking for an SEO company or SEO agency to help boost your online business, it can be tempting to start by seeking out the lowest-priced packages – especially if your business is relatively new, and you’re trying to stay within strict budgets. Many business owners are of the opinion that if they shop around, they’ll be able to find a cheap SEO service which caters to all of their needs.

Unfortunately for these bargain-hunting business owners, with SEO, you get what you pay for. Settling for a low-cost SEO service is a little like commissioning a team of construction students to build your dream home. You may end up splashing out twice the initial cost just to repair the damage they’ve done.

Here are some important reasons why you should avoid cheap SEO services:

You can’t take shortcuts with SEO

There’s no such thing as an SEO shortcut. Many lower-tier SEO services win over customers by making outlandish claims and guarantees. These are things like guaranteeing clients they can get their site to the top of Google within weeks. Unless the business’ niche is incredibly uncompetitive, this is highly unlikely. Budget SEO packages are likely to be built around shortcuts designed to make an impact in the short-term. These are known as ‘black-hat’ strategies, and they should be avoided at all costs. If Google finds out you’ve been using “black-hat SEO” techniques, they will give you a penalty and can even remove you from the search results!

Results are their only priority

An SEO firm putting results first doesn’t necessarily sound like a bad thing. However, when they prize results above all else, that’s when the trouble begins. Good SEO should be organic and natural, rather than focused solely on keywords, backlinks and rankings. Put it this way: your search engine ranking position isn’t going to matter a lot if visitors reach your website and find the content is irrelevant or crammed with keywords. When looking for an SEO package, it should be something which will help you increase conversions. Alarm bells should ring if the SEO agency guarantees results or promises to do too much too quickly.

It can be very costly

One of the biggest reasons why you should avoid cheap SEO packages has already been touched on above. You may end up spending more than you anticipated to repair the damage that any black-hat work has done. Search engines penalise sites for trying to take shortcuts and can even remove them from results altogether.

They probably use automated software/bots

There are thousands of SEO firms out there which use automated tools and cheap software to get jobs done quickly. Have you ever read a blog post and saw totally unrelated comments with a link to an external website? It’s likely that this comment was churned out by one of these tools. These automated bots come with the risk of ending up with tons of spammy backlinks. Moreover, it will look ridiculous and devalue your site! Sometimes, the damage is so bad that even the most awesome SEO firms won’t even be able to rescue your site.


So, it’s the same old adage – you get what you pay for! Try to avoid cheap SEO services, if you care about your site. Go with an SEO agency who are transparent with what they offer, provide reports on progress and explain to you exactly what they do each month.

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