Since London Creative Designs is a team of millennials, we are always on point with trend and love to keep things modern and slick. Of course, we don’t judge you if you want to go a bit more retro with your designs, but we will always be able to help guide you on what’s “in” right now, so that you can keep up with the Joneses.


Creative is our middle name! It is, literally, our middle name! So, if you’ve got no idea what you want to do with your website or your branding, fear not…leave it all up to us to provide some kick-ass designs. Even if you know what you want, we’re happy to provide further design inspiration if you need it.


We may have a team of developers, who seem to have a bad rep for being coding geeks with no personality. But the team at London Creative Designs is not like that. We’re one of the friendliest bunches around! Get in touch with us any time to see! Pick up the phone, send a tweet, or even drop by! You’re always welcome!

These guys trust us…

We may like to have fun, but we also like to work hard. If these major companies can trust London Creative Designs, then we must be doing something right!

We promise we wont disappoint

Who are London Creative Designs?

Here at London Creative Designs, we pride ourselves on being “regular” people. What we mean is that we won’t speak to you in jargon and confuse you with techie language; we will break things down in plain ol’ English, so you understand what is going on every step of the way. This stems from our director having a background in education. As a result, we run tutorials to clients all over the world, in a variety of subjects. Check out our WordPress training, SEO training, Photoshop classes and Social Media training sessions to find out more.

Our strength is our communication, with each other and with our clients. We always work together as a team, ensuring our work is efficient and delivered on time. Sometimes we work through the night and even over the weekend – whatever it takes to make deadlines.

“Our clients are our number one priority”


London Creative Designs’ Loves

We’re not just all about work though, we do also have a life outside of the office. Here are just some of the things you may catch us doing outside of work hours.

London Creative Designs Hobby 1 - Netflix
London Creative Designs Hobby 2 - Table Tennis
London Creative Designs Hobby 3 - Clubbing
London Creative Designs Hobby 4 - Shopping

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible!

– Audrey Hepburn

Meet Our Director

Sabrina Chevannes

Sabrina Chevannes - Director of London Creative Designs, Digital Agency London

Hi, I’m Sabrina, the director of London Creative Designs! I have been a freelance creative for nearly 8 years now and so decided to find a team of people who are as passionate about their trade as I am. After watching LCD grow for a couple of years and am really proud to see what everyone has achieved so far. I believe we are destined for great things, so watch this space!

Personally, I am a bit of a “Jack of all trades” – I have always loved learning new things and I guess I just never stopped. My most popular service, though, is my copywriting. I am a little bit of a chameleon behind words and can write in any style that the reader pleases. So, one day I am very corporate and the next, I am funny (seriously)!

Whatever job I am doing, I am also always here for my clients. I am usually available at crazy hours too, due to clients coming from all time zones! So, whatever time it is, feel free to give me a message, I might just ping you right back!

I really hope you enjoy your experience with LCD and if you ever need anything, you can always reach me personally at

Come join us for a coffee

The beauty of having office space in the City of London is that we can welcome our clients to our office for meetings. Whether you’re looking to brainstorm a new project, get an update of how a project is going, or simply drop by for a coffee and a chat, you’re always welcome.

We have comfy sofas and beanbags, a lot of coffee, and a minibar too, if it’s been a particularly hard day!

Our Office


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