5 tips to help design teams become more effective

Productivity is a crucial component to the success of any company. When it comes to design, clients can get carried away with revisions and different concepts, so your project could potentially last forever. How do you stay productive and ensure projects are cost-effective? Here are some things that we do here at London Creative Designs to remain productive; we hope they help you too!

Ensure you have all the right design tools

It’s important to get a good foundation before you start taking on big projects. We subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud so that we have access to all the design tools such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, XD, Lightroom etc. It also allows us to store all our files in one easy place for collaboration.

To ensure we’re on top of communication, we use Asana – it’s completely free for teams up to 15 members, and it is a complete lifesaver. It allows you to keep all your projects, files and conversations in one place. There’s also not even a reason to use Slack.

Get a detailed design brief

It’s challenging to produce design work without a solid brief. Without clear communication about the company and the message the design needs to create, there will be a lot of back and forth. A detailed design brief containing information about the requested design, target audience, tone, message etc. will help save time for everyone.

Get creativity flowing

Great design usually comes from a great brainstorming session. While one person can come up with some inspiration, it’s always so much more productive to get the team in one room and bounce ideas off each other.

Keep to deadlines

It’s crucial you make timelines and stick to them. As soon as you drift, it’s very easy to spiral out of control. If you have agreed to a deadline with a client, you must stick to it otherwise they will lose trust in you.

However, do not rush your creative work – your team needs time to create great design work. Monitor how long each task takes your team members and delegate according to the designers’ strengths.

Be careful of multiple revisions

Of course, you want to make your client happy, but you need to manage revisions very carefully. It’s very easy for revisions to get out of control and this can frustrate your designers, as projects feel like they’re never going to end.

It’s important to stay on top of revisions and let your clients know what’s reasonable before the start of the project. Clients may request changes because they are not happy with the work, which can bring down the morale of the team. It’s important to address these as they arise and help your team through it.

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