5 Of The Best Social Media Management Tools

If you’re running a business, it can be easy to fall into a social media black hole, where you spend hours creating new posts, updating your profiles and scouring the web for new accounts you can follow or ‘Like’.
But as all good businesspeople know, time is money – and in this ultra-competitive digital world, you just can’t afford to waste half of your working day updating social media or targeting new followers. So how can you walk the fine line between monitoring and managing your social media correctly, while ensuring it doesn’t take up too much of your time?

Luckily, some of the world’s brightest sparks have come up with a multitude of additional tools and resources that help make social media management a breeze. With tools for everything from scheduling updates to handling customer complaints, your social media activity can be seamless, on-brand, and efficient. Check out these social media management tools that will effortlessly elevate your online activity:


Hootsuite is perhaps the world’s best-known piece of social media management software. Thousands of businesses across the globe use it, and it’s helped many of them develop their brand online and cement their place in the digital sphere.

Hootsuite allows you to monitor and update all of your social media accounts from one slick dashboard, which is packed with features to make everything simple. You can schedule posts, attach images and multimedia, shorten links and gain access to insightful analytics which will help you master every social media platform with ease.

Sprout Social

If you’re looking for a social media management tool which can help manage and develop your relationships with customers, look no further than Sprout Social.
This intuitive platform allows you to turn tweets or other posts into help desk tickets, assigning it to a team member in seconds. You can view all of your vital messages and alerts in a single feed, without having to log in to each of your social media platforms separately. There’s even a fantastic ‘Discovery’ tab, which helps you to find customers that might be talking about your brand using smart keywords. Put simply; it’s a social media manager’s dream.


Social media success is often built on appealing visuals, and MavSocial helps you to get a grip of the images you’re putting out there. You can find and purchase stock photos easily thanks to a partnership with Getty Images and BigStock, and there’s a built-in editor to ensure all of your images have the same look-and-feel. This option is totally free for small businesses, so it’s a must if your social feeds are image-oriented.


Social media marketing nowadays is not just about Facebook and Twitter. You need a Canva account to design great blog headers, and a blogging platform (WordPress or Blogspot, for example) to post your content. You might need a Dropbox or Google Drive account to collaborate with freelance bloggers or staff members. Sendible’s biggest strength is that it integrates with all of them, as well as the conventional social media platforms. Perfect for across-the-board content marketing, prices start at £39 per month.


If lead generation is your primary social media aim, you need Oktopost. Primarily used by B2B marketers, this platform helps you to track the leads you’ve generated, as well as offering detailed analytics for various social media platforms.

Which social media management tools do you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

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