5 Free SEO & PPC Courses

London Creative Designs is very much a teaching digital agency in London and so we’re always trying to find resources to help our staff and students. Our blog is full of useful tips and tricks to help you improve your design and development skills, plus get the most out of digital marketing. We just love to teach!

We run digital training workshops which cover courses like Introduction to WordPress, Social Media for Business and Introduction to SEO.

However, if you’re unable to come to one of our courses, don’t worry, as we’ve compiled a list of great free online SEO courses that you can do in your spare time!

  1. HubSpot’s SEO Training

HubSpot has a fantastic reputation for being a leader in the marketing world. Their SEO tools prove very popular and their staff are highly knowledgeable. Their SEO training course is a fantastic introduction to the world of SEO. They explain how to develop an SEO strategy and how to go about one of the most important tasks in SEO – link building!

  1. SEO Training Course by Moz

One of (if not THE) leaders in the SEO world, Moz are highly respected and have given this free course to Udemy users. Get 3.5 hours of basic SEO training with this course. Whilst it may be quite technical, you will definitely learn a lot!

  1. WordStream’s PPC University

WordStream’s tagline is “online advertising made easy”, which is what they aim to do! They help people get the greatest ROI from their paid ad campaigns. They have some free courses such as PPC 101, PPC 102 and Advanced PPC.

They have some related marketing courses too, should you wish to delve into them.

  1. QuickSprout’s SEO Videos

QuickSprout is basically a blog of Neil Patel’s – one of the world’s leading digital marketers! He then created a “university” where he made videos about relevant marketing topics. Watch his videos on both organic SEO and paid advertising.

  1. Google’s Academy for Ads

Of course, the first thing people think of when you say PPC, is Google Ads. Since Google is the leading platform for search engine ads and they are the ones who have the notorious ever-changing algorithm that drive SEO guys mad, it is no wonder they have an academy! Their academy is fantastic, very detailed and you can even gain certifications after you complete their courses.


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