5 Branding Trends for 2018

Staying up to date with branding trends is essential for any graphic designer and here at London Creative Designs, we pride ourselves on being modern and current. We consistently do research on our industry and try to keep informed of what’s hot right now. So, this article takes a look at the direction that branding has been going in and what we predict the branding trends for 2018 will be.

  1. Bold fonts and bright colours

Bright colours are really going to be a big trend in 2018, and we mean BRIGHT. Already, many brands are leading the way with these kinds of designs.

Elje Group is a design agency in Germany who specialise in product design. Their site has an entrance animation that uses bright colours and also their homepage is bright pink!

Else Group Website - Bright Design Trend 2018

Asana, the project management software (which we use at London Creative Designs!) also uses bright colours on both their main website and the guide section.

Asana Website - Example of Bright Design Trend 2018

New Deal Design is a design agency based in San Francisco and their site is full on bright colours and bold fonts. Even their videos have bright-coloured overlays! They are definitely nailing this branding trend for 2018!

New Deal Design Website - Example of Bright Design Trend 2018

Bolden is a design and development studio based in Amsterdam and their website has tons of crazy colours and fonts! Careful though, their font can make you go a bit dizzy!

Bolden Website - Example of Bright Website Design Trend 2018
  1. Immersive Interactions

Brands are now trying to prove that they are tech-savvy and modern, so more immersive interactions on websites and social media will be one of the branding trends for 2018, for sure.

For example, having a live chat option on a website, so users can immediately get the answers they need. Even we have one 🙂

London Creative Designs Website - Top Digital Agency in London

How about those companies who immediately send tailored messages to your Facebook Messenger inbox? They create bots using software like ManyChat.

  1. Increase in use of video

Video has been popular for a long time, but you will see its use increase and become one of the major branding trends of 2018. Not only will there be a use of background video, but advertising services/products, plus explainer videos will become a massive branding trend.

Check out Lucky Orange’s great explainer video on their software:

  1. Simple and Minimalistic Design

Despite the fact that we’re going bolder and brighter, brads are actually steering more towards to the minimalistic design without complexity. So, a perfect combination would be to use a lot of white space, with a single bold accent colour.

Many brands are even opting for minimal text and large imagery instead. Check out Uber’s new minimalistic website for this trend.

Uber Website - Example of Minimalist Website Design Trend 2018

 5.  Influencer Marketing

We predict this trend could quite possibly be the fastest growing trend of 2018, as social media is already hugely popular. With millennials and Generation Z dominating social media, brands now need a way of grabbing their attention. Brands with celebrity endorsement always do better than other brands as it lends credibility and it’s easy to spread popularity.

However, a brand’s influencer does not need to be famous. With “normals” desperate for social fame these days, you will find youngsters desperately trying to boost their follower numbers in order to get noticed. These fame-hungry individuals would snap up a chance to become an influencer and brands will start to take advantage of that in 2018.


What do you think will be a big branding trend for 2018?

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