25 Business Resources for Entrepreneurs

0Written by Sabrina Chevannes

With more and more people turning freelance these days or delving into the start-up world, it becomes increasingly difficult to succeed in such a thriving market. If you look at the stats for failing start-ups, they’re quite alarming. The numbers are heavily debated, but some studies even show that 95% of start-ups fail within the first three years. Reaching the 5-year mark is a huge deal, which is why, this September, we’re going to be pretty excited to throw London Creative Designs’ 5th birthday party!

I’ve been a freelancer, and many people will still describe me as an entrepreneur. Even though London Creative Designs is now a fully-fledged digital agency in Central London, I had to start somewhere. Of course, I didn’t get here by myself. With almost every resource available after a quick search on Google, you can become very knowledgeable very quickly.

Therefore, I put together this article to recommend 25 business resources for the budding entrepreneur that can help them achieve their dream.

Planning and Finance

Before you even start on your journey, you need to plan ahead…way ahead! So, these resources can help you find your way.

Wise Bread – Budgeting is tight especially for start-up businesses, but Wise Bread offers in-depth financial advice and planning advice.

Young Upstarts – A valuable resource for entrepreneurs Young Upstarts features a wide range of content and is especially useful for planning the growth of your business.

Startups.co.uk – A must have

Entrepreneur.com – This site is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, and it includes an in-depth financial section that will help you get to grips with all the financial matters you need to know about.

CopyBlogger.com – We all know the importance of effective marketing when it comes to starting your own business. And CopyBlogger is a valuable resource any entrepreneur can learn from especially when it comes to crafting and planning effective content marketing.

Blogs/ Advice

Let’s start with something every entrepreneur will need in the early days (and likely the later days as well) advice. Below we’ve found some of the best blogs and advice resources for entrepreneurs, whether you’re looking for information or just want to get some insights from other entrepreneurs these resources will help.

Under30 CEO – The young entrepreneur is no longer the oddity it once was, and this blog is an excellent resource for more budding entrepreneurs. You’ll find a wide range of helpful blogs, podcasts, and guides.

Seth’s Blog – Popular American author, dot-com executive, and marketer Seth Godin is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs, and his blog is a valuable resource for anyone looking for advice or ideas.

Quora – A slightly more unusual choice Quora is a Q & A website and a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking for advice. Many industry leaders and professionals use Quora, and best of all you can even share your expertise with others as well.

Gary Vaynerchuk – With a long history of success Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs who are looking for advice and guidance.

Quick Sprout – The Quick Sprout blog is full of helpful advice and guides for entrepreneurs. It offers a wide range of content from SEO to marketing, link-building and much more. If you’re looking for information and guidance, this blog is a great resource to check out.

Reddit – Reddit might not be your first guess as a valuable resource when it comes to advice for entrepreneurs. But there are many useful subreddits including r/ startups and r/ entrepreneur.

AllBusiness.com – Offering a variety of free resources for businesses Allbusiness.com is a great website to check out and it offers a wide range of content and in-depth guides.

SEMRush Blog – The SEMRush blog is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs who are looking to learn more about SEO and content marketing, but that is just the beginning of the many subjects it covers.

Books/ Magazines

Take a break from your computer and learn some great tips the old fashioned way with these fantastic books and magazines. Insightful and inspiring these resources will be sure to help any entrepreneur.

FORTUNE Magazine – Every entrepreneur should be sure to read this magazine, available online and on the newsstands FORTUNE magazine is full of useful information and a valuable resource for today’s entrepreneur.

Unshakeable – Written by Tony Robbins this is a read any entrepreneur will find invaluable it compiles advice and information from industry leaders and focuses on how you can balance your finances in both a personal and professional capacity.

Online Business Startup – Written by Robin Waite a business coach and keynote speaker this guide is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to get back to grips with the digital platform. Precise and to the point this is a book every entrepreneur should have on their bookshelf.

$100 Startup – Written by Charles Lebeau this book is an inspiring read that tackles the belief that you need a lot of money to set-up your business. An enlightening read for any entrepreneur but especially those who are on a tight budget.


A successful entrepreneur is a well-informed entrepreneur but keeping up to date isn’t always easy. But with these resources, you can be sure you’ll forever stay in the know about the things that matter to your business.

TED.com – While TED isn’t just for entrepreneurs it is a valuable news and information resource, sure to be informative and enlightening TED is a resource every entrepreneur should check out.

Forbes.com – Every entrepreneur should know how vital Forbes is, keeping up to date on the latest news is easy with Forbes, and every entrepreneur should be sure to check it out regularly.

Business Insider – Formed in part by Henry Blodget (a former Wall Street analyst) Business Insider is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and covers a wide range of different subjects.

RichTopia – Bursting with advice and financial news RichTopia is a great news website for both new and veteran entrepreneurs.

CEO.com – Offering a hybrid of industry news and leadership focused content CEO.com is a great website for budding entrepreneurs. Whether you simply want to stay in the know or get an insight into how to successfully manage your business.

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